About 1st edition of the International Literary Festival of the Interior - FLII - Words of Fire - in honour of the victims of forest fires

Arte-Via Cooperativa, based in Lousã, launches the first edition of the International Literary Festival of the Interior, celebrating its 18 years of existence under the aegis of the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, in honour of the victims of forest fires. This festival already counts with the High Sponsorship of the Presidency of the Republic.

This festival has an innovative character, since it is an inter-municipal accomplishment that covers 13 counties of the region affected by the fires, and intends to take books and writers to the most unusual and unpredictable places, such as factories, fields, beaches, churches, places where people work, live together, that is, the books go to the public because they too miss them.

Under the sign of tribute, this festival brings together the municipalities of Pedrogão Grande, Oliveira do Hospital, Castanheira de Pera, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Penela, Pampilhosa da Serra, Arganil, Vila Nova de Poiares, Miranda do Corvo, Tábua, Sertã, Lousã and will have as coordinating group the writers Ana Filomena Amaral, Pedro Mexia, José Luís Peixoto and teacher Fatima Cabral, treasurer of Arte-Via, municipal libraries and networks of school libraries will be crucial in the organization of FLII - Words of Fire.

Between June 15 and 19, 2018, the FLII - Words of Fire - intends to involve all development agents from all participating municipalities, all local talents, in all actions to be carried out simultaneously: competitions, lectures, workshops , readings, book fairs, shows, multimedia, performances, installations, exhibitions, to and with all audiences of all age groups.

The concept underlying this festival is a synergistic achievement, catalysing the resources of the municipalities that make up the consortium, making the best of each one of them profitable and empowered, in a joint effort to overcome adversities and, in the name of the regenerative word, where there are people there will be books, they will be in the most unexpected places, at the hand of those who want to read them, Portuguese and foreign writers will go to the most surprising places, books and words will again raise colour through the blackness.

The International Literary Festival of the Interior - Words of Fire - which had the first working meeting on November 9, at the Palácio da Lousã Hotel, will culminate with the creation in one of the municipalities, serving the whole region of the consortium, a writer's residence, which will be inaugurated during the festival, and already has several national and international partnerships of similar homes. It is the intention of the consortium to continue to hold this festival annually.

We have the Presidency of the Republic as patron, as partners: Gulbenkian Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Regional Government and José Saramago Foundation and nine municipalities.